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Silicon Valley

I will be California in May. The people who live and work in the Silicon Valley is my topic. I will meet men and women who do an incredible job there. I am sure this trip will reveal an amazing world and alter me. My special thanks go to the editors who supported me in the forerun.

Italy: Apennine Mountains

My next adventure brings me to the heart of Italy. I love to meet Italian people. I intend to look into the survival of old traditions in the modern world and how they can support society through their longevity. My mission will be a vivid report where I answer questions and show how people in the Apennine Mountains have been living with their rituals for centuries. I have received so much help and encouragement from the locals during my preparations that I am really looking forward to this trip and making new friends.

Marie Claire

The Spanish Marie Claire edition published my story “The field of the dreams” about the transformation of the famous Berlin Tempelhof Airport into a Garden of Eden in their April 2017 issue. Thank you Marie Claire for supporting my work over the last 15 years. For me Marie Claire is one of the best women’s magazines. Its various sections are well-balanced and the features are very touching and unadorned.

Vanity Fair

In Milan I produced the Italian part of my series about professions in Europe for the Italian Vanity Fair. I am very pleased with the publication (March issue 2017). Thanks to the editors and designers of Vanity Fair the layout is perfect. I just love the Italian magazine design.

Focus Photo Agency – I am a member of the German Focus Agency which also represents Magnum in Germany. Please have a look at:
Would you like to download my portfolio card? This link make is possible: here.

Freischreiber – I belong to the German writers association Freischreiber. This is one of the best associations I knew and we all feel like a family.  Please have a look at:

Mare Magazine – Mare is celebrating it´s twentieth birthday this year. The magazine published my award winnig story on Spanish „percebeiros“, fishermen at the Coast of Death. This is the Mare page about me: