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Juri-Gagarin-Trainings-Center bei Moskau

Star City in Russia

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I like the Russian soul, which expresses itself especially in hospitality and family sociability. During my visits to Star City I have experienced it again and again. I was a guest at the Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow, where already Yuri Gagarin has been trained. Whatever manned Russian space program has achieved from 1960 until today has been developed, tested and proven just here. Since I have been there three times this year the doors have been opened to me behind which treasures hide like the locker of Yuri Gagarin and his office guarded like a grail. Another door leads to the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. He likes to tell how he was the first person to leave a spaceship to float in space and almost didn’t get back because his suit had puffed itself up. The German magazine P.M. has now printed my first report about Star City, more reports about the Cosmonaut Center will follow.